It’s Easy! It’s Simple!

Laurens Electric will professionally install a

Smart Switch

to manage the energy use of your air conditioning unit or swimming pool pump or both at no cost to you and you start saving money.

Power Saver Rewards is a cash back program that allows
you to make a difference in keeping power costs low.

Peak demand is when the need for electricity is at its highest. Electricity at peak demand is the most costly. By helping LEC reduce peak demand, you help keep electricity costs low. You also help the environment by delaying the need to build additional power plants. Plus, you are rewarded with cash back.

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Two Options Available Your Reward
Air Conditioner Smart Switch technology allows LEC to manage the energy use of your central air conditioner through the thermostat thus keeping the compressor from cycling during periods of peak electric demand during summer months (June through September). The indoor fan remains on and you and your home remain comfortable. This enables us to reduce our peak when demand for electricity is at its highest, delaying the construction of new electric generation and keeping rates low thereby lowering your summer electric bills. One-time $25 bill credit, plus an $8 per month credit,
June through September
Swimming Pool Pump The Smart Switch will cycle off the electricity to your swimming pool pump during periods of peak demand. One-time $25 bill credit, plus a
$3 per month credit,
June through September

Select both options and that’s a savings of $94 the first year!