What is it? The PowerSaver Rewards program is designed to help ease the “peak” demand for electricity.
What is “peak electric demand?” Electricity usage fluctuates constantly due to weather conditions, commercial and industrial business hours and residential electricity usage. During summer months, demand is usually greater as electricity is used to cool homes and businesses, especially during weekday afternoons. During the winter months, demand is usually greater during the morning hours when electricity is used to warm homes. “Peak electric demand” refers to the point of highest electricity use over a certain period of time. Throughout the day, Laurens Electric Cooperative continually monitors electricity demand to ensure reliable delivery and minimize costs.
How does it work? If you choose to participate, co-op technicians install a smart switch on both or one of either an air conditioner or a pool pump in good working order. By enrolling, you agree to help ease high electricity demand by allowing LEC to do the following:

  • to “cycle” your air conditioning on and off from time to time, typically during the summer months when electricity demand is at is highest.
  • to “cycle” off 100% of the electricity to your pool pump during periods of peak demand.
How does cycling work? During periods of high electricity use, a signal is sent through our Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) system to the Smart Switch to interrupt the flow of electricity for a period of time. For air conditioning, the flow of electricity is interrupted to the compressor for a period of time each hour. This is called cycling. Only electricity to the compressor is interrupted. The indoor fan will continue to run as programmed. Cycling reduces the peak demand for electricity.
How long will a cycling event last and how often will events occur? Typically, in the summer cycling occurs Monday through Friday between the hours of 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. and in winter usually between 6 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., although actual start time, end time, and duration of each cycling event will vary. The length of a cycling event will depend on the need for LEC to reduce electric demand. LEC is unable to predict the number of times it will cycle air conditioners and pool pumps each year.
How will cycling events to an air conditioner affect the temperature of your home? The temperature change in your home during an air conditioner cycling event will vary based on factors including the outdoor temperature, how well your home is insulated, duration of the cycling event, and many other variables.
How will you know when LEC is cycling the Smart Switch? A red light will be displayed on the Smart Switch during the activation of a cycling event, indicating the Smart Switch is adjusting compressor activity for an air conditioner or cycling off the electricity of a pool pump. A green light will indicate that the Smart Switch has power and is connected to the network but is not currently controlling. If you do not see a light on the Smart Switch, contact Laurens Electric Cooperative.
Can you opt-out of a cycling event? You may choose to opt-out of participating in a cycling event up to two times a each year. You can schedule an opt-out by calling LEC.
How do you benefit? Once the Smart Switch is installed, you will receive the following benefits:

Air Conditioner: One time bill credit of $25 and a $8 monthly bill credit June through September.
Pool Pump: One time bill credit of $25 and a monthly bill credit from June through September of $3.

How does PowerSaver Rewards program decrease your electric bills? When you participate in this program, you will begin receiving money-saving credits following the installation of the Smart Switch.

In addition to bill credits, the program will help reduce LEC’s demand for electricity, which will result in electricity prices that are lower than they would otherwise have been. Moreover, reducing peak demand for electricity delays the need to build additional expensive power plants and is good for the environment by reducing emissions.